Monday, August 8, 2011

Wonder Woman may be stacked, but she doesn't know Jack about...

Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh... don't tell anyone, but, I have secret powers. Yes, sirree. Truth is, I've known this for a long time.
[cue: Superman theme song]
Years ago I worked in customer service and a visitor remarked "You are a very capable woman!", and there it was... my new SuperHero name: Capable Woman. I even had a nametag to prove it. Well, it was better than the old nametag: B.O.W. That one was merely for a coworker who apparently didn't care much for me as her lead and was sharing with anyone and everyone that I was the Bitch On Wheels. So, of course, I had the nametag made in order to put an end to her malicious, defamatory remarks. It worked, too! But I digress...

It has recently come to my attention that the middleborn child (which I am) is not the neglected, overlooked and confused mess our society has characterized us as for so long. Research has shown that we are 'beholders of secret powers'. Yeah! Turns out the archaic perception of middleborns as being resentful loners with a negative outlook on life and shying away from the spotlight has been wrong all along. Well, duh... Capable Woman could've told you that! We are "self-aware team players with remarkable diplomatic skills" according to this research. We are outgoing, flexible, motivated more by fairness than money and have a deep sense of family, friends and loyalty. We are not a supercilious bunch, although we tend to assess others based on how they treat another living being. Well now, these are superpowers I can be proud of!

I see all of us as having these traits and more - regardless of our birth order. I believe we are molded by our families, life experiences and society's perceptions and labels put upon us. It is up to each of us to set the record straight and show the world our best selves.

Now, if only my secret powers could transport me to Olive Garden where Mr. Wonderful awaits my arrival. SuperHeroes aren't supposed to be late for lunch!


  1. i have super powers too, i can make a bowl of ice cream disappear. :D

  2. well said, capable woman.

    a middle child, Bryan